Ine Jacobs on the Christian attitude toward the classical statues

On Thursday, 11th May, on the Late Antique seminar Ine Jacobs from the University of Oxford will present the paper “Old statues, new meanings. Literary and archaeological evidence for Christian re-interpretation of classical statuary”.

The abstract of the paper:

In this paper I will review literary and epigraphic sources as well as material evidence for positive takes on ancient statuary in late antique centuries. I will argue that re-interpretation of statuary, in the sense of allocating new identifications to ancient statues, was much more common among late antique Christians than we currently assume. It is not something that occurred only from Mid-Byzantine times onwards, although Mid-Byzantine literary evidence has been given more attention.

The seminar, as usual, will take place in the library of the Department of Papyrology in the building of the Faculty of Law (Collegium Iuridicum I) at 4.45 PM.