CfP: Clerics in Church and society up to AD 700

CfP: Clerics in Church and society up to AD 700

The Presbyters in the Late Antique West is a 5-years project, run at the University of Warsaw and investigating the role of the middle clergy in the Church and society. Our team has been collecting the evidence concerning clerics withina searchable database, still under construction, but accessible on-line: editor, password: editor123!).

The project is slowly coming to its end, and we are organising the closing conference “Clerics in Church and society up to AD 700”. The conference will take place in Warsaw, on 26-27 April 2019. The word ‘clerics’ include bishops, but our main interest lies in the presbyters, deacons, and subdeacons etc.  We are aiming to achieve a broad picture of their ecclesiastical, economic, and social activity. Among confirmed speakers are: Geoffrey Dunn, Uta Heil, David Hunter, Dominic Moreau, David Natal, and Eric Rebillard.

Those interested in presenting papers are requested to send a title and short abstract (c. 100 words) to Stanisław Adamiak ( by 30 September 2018.

There is no registration fee, but please, note we won’t be able to cover travel and accommodation expenses.

Robert Wiśniewski and Stanisław Adamiak


IMC Leeds 2018 CfP: Clerics and Their Households

At the forthcoming Medieval Congress in Leeds (2-5 July 2018) the team of the ‘Presbyters in the Late Antique West’ Project, based at the University of Warsaw, together with Lisa Bailey of the University of Auckland, organizes a strand on the everyday life of clergy. We would like to have a glimpse of what was happening inside the houses of the clerics, especially in the period when they were still running large family households.

This session will seek to answer the following questions:

  • What was the legal status of the wives and children of clerics, both from the ecclesiastical and civil point of view?
  • What was the position of the servants and slaves in the households of clerics?
  • How did the relations with their familiars and neighbours influence the opinions and preaching of the clerics?
  • What do archaeology and epigraphy tell us about the living conditions of the clergy in the first millennium?

Those interested in presenting papers on such and similar topics are requested to send the title and a short abstract (ca 100 words) to Stanisław Adamiak ( and Lisa Bailey ( by 20 September 2017. Please note that unfortunately the project is unable to fund speakers’ expenses.