After IMC Leeds 2017

This year’s International Medieval Congress in Leeds came to an end. The Presbyters Project hosted two sessions that drew a considerable audience. In the first session, David Hunter presented a paper on the clerical profits in the writings of Ambrosiaster which was followed by David Natal’s paper on the Church and private property in Ambrose of Milan. This discussion on the fourth-century Italy was counterpointed by a paper by Marta Szada on the economic status of the local clergy in the seventh-century Spain.


20170705_093236 (1)

David Natal presenting his paper. In the audience (from left) David Hunter, Robert Wiśniewski and Bertrand Lançon.


In the second session, Isabelle Mossong gave a survey of epigraphical evidence from Italy that could serve to define more precisely the economic role of presbyters, Claire Sotinel presented the material provided by the papal correspondence, and eventually, the P.I. of the Presbyters Project, Robert Wiśniewski delivered a paper on the payments received by clerics for ritual expertise. To our delight, in both sessions, the papers were followed by vivid discussions, especially that the papers probably offered more questions than answers. Hopefully, soon our database will help scholars in all over the world to answer those (and many others) questions about the presbyters in Late Antiquity and Early Middle Ages.



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