David Natal on Ambrose of Milan

Today on the Late Antique Seminar of the Department of the Ancient History of the University of Warsaw David Natal from the University of Salamanca will present a paper “Building the metropolitan authority in the late fourth-century western church: the case of Ambrose of Milan (d. 397)”. 


The abstract of the paper:

Up until 1980s, Ambrose of Milan (d. 397) was regarded as one of the most powerful and influential bishops of the late fourth century. Although more recent research has fundamentally questioned Ambrose’s imperial-wide prominence, current historiography still considers him the first metropolitan bishop of the west. In this paper, however, I will argue that Ambrose’s capacity for imposing his agenda in the region was very limited, and will contend that Ambrose and his successors exaggerated his hold over his north Italian fellow bishops in an attempt to portray the late antique western church as a fully institutionalized organization.

The seminar, as usual, will take place in the library of the Department of Papyrology in the building of the Faculty of Law (Collegium Iuridicum I) at 4.45 PM.


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