Phil Booth on the Sassanians

On Thursday 1 December 2016 Phil Booth from University of Oxford will present a paper “The Sasanians in Egypt (619-629): Continuity, Stability, and Tolerance?” on the Late Antique Seminar of the Department of Ancient History in the Institute of History of University of Warsaw. The seminar will take place in the library of the Department of Papyrology in the building of the Faculty of Law (Collegium Iuridicum I) at 4.45 PM.

Abstract of the paper:

Recent research on Sasanian Egypt (619-629) has corrected an older historiographical model which cast the Persians as the agents of destruction and depression. But this has been replaced with a model of ‘stability, continuity, and tolerance’ which makes various unstated assumptions. Using Greek, Coptic, and Pahlavi texts, this paper revisits the evidence for the Sasanian conquest and occupation of Egypt, and argues for a more nuanced interpretation which moves beyond the polarised choice between continuity and discontinuity.


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