Call for Papers – IMC Leeds 2016

At the forthcoming Medieval Congress in Leeds (4-7 July 2016) the project team is organising a session focused on the social relations of the clergy in Late Antiquity and early Middle Ages. The clerics did not act in a social void, they had friends, partners, allies, patrons, and enemies. We are interested in their relations with family, magistrates, lay people, monks and other members of the clergy, in all regions of the Christian world.

We welcome both papers dealing with wider phenomena, such as relations of presbyters with monks or links between clergy and urban elites, and on specific case studies. We are open for contributions based on very different types of evidence, from narrative, liturgical and legislative texts, to epigraphic and iconographic sources. Those interested in presenting paper at this session are requested to send title and short abstract (100 words) to Robert Wiś›niewski ( before 20 September. Please note that the project, sadly, cannot cover conference fee and travel expenses.


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